Learning Opportunities

The City of Garland offers a variety of education and training opportunities on topics that are important to its residents. Engaged, educated, and empowered residents are essential to keeping Garland a great place to call home. Following you can find information on classes, events, guides, and volunteer opportunities in the community:

  • Garland Neighborhood Management Academy - GNMA is a series of educational classes on a variety of topics important to neighborhood vitality. GNMA exists to provide community stakeholders with the tools to actively engage in the municipal government process and to manage neighborhood growth and change.
  • Neighborhood Summit - This annual event is for anyone interested in learning how to improve their community and includes speakers, workshops, and takeaways for residents to use in their neighborhood.
  • Citizen Police Academy - The Garland Citizen Police Academy focuses attention on the internal values, philosophy, and operations of the Garland Police Department. Designed for citizens, the academy educates citizens on the "How's and Why's" of the department, and the resident’s role interacting with police.
  • Citizens Fire Academy - The Citizens Fire Academy is open to anyone over the age of eighteen who lives or works in the City of Garland. This program is intended to familiarize citizens and associates of the services we provide, how we operate, and why we do things we do. Class hours are from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Thursday nights.  
  • Garland hosted a series of classes to help you develop your green skills. Soon you will be able to watch these highly informative presentations on the City's government access channel, Garland TV, and via the City's online video streaming. Visit Garland Goes Green for information on these classes and other resources.
  • Certified Landlord Training classes are scheduled over the next several months. This class will educate landlords and property managers about specific, common property maintenance problems and more information about the Single-Family Rental Program.
  • Environmental Waste Services provides programs for Garland residents of all ages on topics including recycling, litter awareness, and backyard composting. Visit the department’s Public Education and Outreach page for more information on these and other learning resources.
  • As part of its educational and outreach program, Fair Housing Services continuously organizes workshops and seminars for Garland residents. These classes focus on current issues and benefits and help residents enhance their way of living.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please visit the Get Involved page for more information about many volunteer opportunities offered by the City of Garland.